Haunted Radiator

Haunted Radiator

Six on Saturday 15-05-21

I’ve just found out about Six on Saturday through The Propagator, so although it’s now Sunday, I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s been a wet week here, with some long, slow rain days, and some ridiculous downpours that had Mochi the cat dashing in through the catflap at high speed. We got to visit a couple of gardens on Friday, from which a couple of these six are taken, as well as a nursery and garden centre today.

Here’s the Six:

1 - Tomatoes. I bought some plug plants a few weeks ago, having moved house in February and not got organised to sow any seeds this year. They’re Tumbling Tom Yellow, and I haven’t tried a tumbling variery before. Today I finally got round to planting them into a hanging basket, although I failed to get a photo of the actual thing…

2 - Alpines. We’re a big fan. The central bowl in the photo below we assembled last year, and it’s been a pride and joy ever since. The Lewisia is a new addition. The pots on the left and right, including Sedums and Phlox, are new today. The plants came from Woburn Forest Growers, a lovely nursery which we visited for the first time.

3 - Hanging basket. This also went up today. Last year we had great success with Nemsias in a hanging basket, so we’re trying it again, with Diascia, Calibrachoa, Dichondra, and Bacopa.

4 - Saxifrage Whitehill. Back to alpines for this stunning Saxifrage with leaves that look encrusted with diamonds. Spotted in the amazing garden at 23a Perry Road, which is in the National Garden Scheme.

5 - Acer groundcover. Also from 23a Perry Road, this beautiful Acer which has created a groundcover with its own lower branch.

6 - Border. Finally, here’s a lovely combination I spotted at the Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth on Friday. Irises at the front, behind that Euphorbia characias wulfenii, and behind that Cytisus scoparius (Broom).

Well that was fun. Maybe I’ll manage it on Saturday next week. Have a look at The Propagator for some more garden goodness.