Haunted Radiator

Haunted Radiator

Six on Saturday 22-05-21 🌱

This week my Six on Saturday arrives on Saturday itself. Hope you enjoy my selection of six things from my garden, and why not check out the latest in the original series here on The Propagator.

1 - Stachys Byzantina. This floppy-eared cutie was in the garden when we inherited it, and is clearly very happy, spreading like wildfire down the main border. It’s very fluffy, and catches water droplets (of which we’ve seen a lot this week…) in a beautiful way.

2 - Heuchera. We’re not sure which Heuchera this is, because it came as a stowaway in another plant bought from a garden centre. One day we spotted it at the base of another plant, and gave it a pot of its own. Last weekend it was repotted and is loving the extra space - its leaves have all reached up and out, like it’s having a good old stretch.

3 - Erica arborea ‘Estrella Gold’. So many tiny white flowers on this miniature Tree Heather. Please ignore the mess behind it…

4 - Salvia ‘Amethyst Lips’. This Salvia (in fact, it was three 9cm pots of it) was bought on the strength of its scent - intense blackcurrant. Ideally we’d have it on the edge of a path so it’s brushed against, or in a container at waist height so it’s easily touched and smelled. There are flower buds on the way too, and it has purple flowers similar to it’s more famous sibling ‘Hot Lips’.

5 - Salvia x superba ‘New Dimension Blue’. Slow to get going this year, but is doubling in size by the week now. I’m looking forward to these flowers heralding the arrival of summer.

6 - Erigeron karvinskianus. A flower has appeared on our little Erigeron, hopefully the first of many.

I’m hoping to get out and do some tidying in the garden tomorrow, having finished off a major piece of work today. Keeping my fingers crossed for some more consistent sun this week, and perhaps warmer temperatures.