Haunted Radiator

Haunted Radiator

Six on Saturday 29-05-21 🌱

My Six on Saturday for this week (because it’s still Saturday somewhere, right?). I’m trying to use botanical/scientific names as much as possible, as I’ve just started studying for my RHS Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture. I’m usually pretty bad at remembering plant names, and since I need to have many examples on hand come the exam, I better start practising now!

1 - Viola sp.. The colour of these is just stunning

2 - Aquilegia sp. (canadensis?). These have popped up in the border unexpectedly. Unfortunately they’re poisonous to cats, so we’ll have to keep an eye on Mochi and make sure he isn’t nibbling them.

3 - Thymus x faustinoi. Gorgeous little thyme is busting into flower.

4 - Cuttings. Yesterday I took some cuttings of our three thyme varieties, as well as the cotton lavender.

5 - Betula pendula. This one is a ‘borrowed view’ in our garden. It’s actually growing beyond the end of the row of gardens, but provides us with shade and movement.

6 - Alpine bank. Spotted in a village near us, this bank (5m+ long) is covered in alpines.

What a difference a week makes in terms of weather. It’s been gorgeous the last couple of days. Yesterday was spent almost entirely in the garden. Hopefully summer is here.