Haunted Radiator

Haunted Radiator

Six on Saturday 12-06-21 🌱

Things have really taken off since the last Six on Saturday I posted two weeks ago. The sun has come out, and I’ve been busy watering. We’ve been fairly restrained, only making a couple of small purchases…

Yesterday I visited RHS Wisley for the first time, which was very inspiring. I might have a few photos to post, but most of the ones I took were of plant labels to remind me what I liked! Anyway, on with the Six:

1. Rosa ‘Francis E. Lester’ - This beautiful climbing rose has got just a couple of flowers so far, but it’s poised to give an amazing display. Just need to keep blasting the aphids off with the hose…

2. Heuchera sp. - First time this has flowered.

3. This week’s new pot - On a little trip to Woburn Forest Growers, our local plant nursery, we found some lovely fuchsias, and I fell in love with this combination with coleus. The taller fuchsia is ‘Gartenmeister Bonstedt’, and the shorter is ‘Marinka’.

4. Pyracantha

5. The reds - Another coleus in the background, along with Nemesia ‘Clementine’ front left and Weigela on the right.

6. The whites - Another Nemesia at the front here, this one we had last year and has a very strong vanilla scent. Behind is the happy little Erigeron karvinskianus, and a Dianthus sneaking in too.

That’s it for another week. Looking back at my last Six a couple of weeks ago has reminded me my thyme cuttings have had time to root, so I might check tomorrow. I’m hoping to make at least one of them into a standard…